Magnus III - Calimacil LARP Sword

Magnus III

the Marshal's Sword

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General Magnus, during the long years of his career, brought forward the cause of the empire, but also its borders. Great strategist and formidable warrior, he led his troops with discipline and strength. However, the long days of the soldier were ending with his old age : his arm was slower, and even if his mind was as sharp as ever, he wasn't strong enough to go on another campaign. As a mark of respect for the general, the Emperor made sure he would never be forgotten. When the soldier got back to his small village, ready to live out the rest of his days in peace, he gave his sword back to his ruler. As he had been of a great help to the realm, the Emperor got sure his sword got hung up high in the great hall of the castle. That way, generations of knights, soldiers and noblemen would remember him and his deeds to the empire.


This new model of the Magnus bastard sword still has every strong aspect of the former : its foam blade is perfectly safe while still being realistic. However, its colours have been greatly improved. The new blade is now steel-coloured and its handle is part ternished gold, part brown and part steel to give it a unique look.


Every warrior character can find the Magnus III to be of great use, be they knights or fierce barbarians. The first will appreciate the weapon's prestige while the latter will prefer its simple efficiency. Simple enough for a wandering warrior, but prestigious enough for noblemen, this bastard sword will please every one of its wearers.

Weight (g): 350
Total Length (cm): 108
Blade Length (cm): 81
Blade Tickness (cm): 3
Blade color: Steel
Handle length (cm): 26
Grip length (cm): 16
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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The best Calimacil sword!

I bought five blades, all ranging from longsword to two-handers, but this sword is an absolute unit. It's the best sword I ever had. The balance is just right, the length is suitable for one-handed, two-handed fighting, and half-swording.
It's not too heavy or too light, and the grip is a little thin, which works well for me because I'm a tall woman with smallish hands and thin fingers so holding it is very comfortable! It's absolutely perfect for me and once the current one I get is no longer useable (I'm very gentle with my weapons, so I had this one for two years already) I'm definitely buying one more!

Je suis fan.

Une main 1/2 un équilibre du tonnerre, fine dans les moindres détails, une taille parfaite pour le Trollball et le GN bref je recommande chaudement !!!

Après 9 mois, l'épée toujours en super état !

Après 9 mois, l'épée toujours en super état !

Mathus III

After almost three months of field trials. I want to say that this sword is very effective, safe and easy to handle, but I put four stars because the ballad is not very good but it remains that it is an excellent sword

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