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Heinrich boots

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Color: Brown
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A pair of durable boots made of good quality leather. Tough boots are a must when it rains during events; everyone knows that wet feet are the worst!

These boots were made based on historical patterns and items. They are tied with four leather strings at your ankle. The thick leather sole is nailed to the upper, making this pair of boots a historical replica.The sturdy leather repels rain and dirt as long as it is properly maintained on a regular basis.

Material: leather
Sizes: 40 to 47
Colors: brown, black
Designed in Germany by Mytholon

Mytholon Costume Sizing


 XSS (& XS/S)M (& S/M)L (& M/L)XL (& L/XL)XXL (& XL/XXL)
Chest circumference (cm)78-8186-8994-97103-107114-119126-131
Waist circumference (cm)62-6469-7278-8186-9096-102109-114
Hip circumference (cm)85-8995-97102-104109-112117-122129-134


 XSS (& XS/S)M (& S/M)L (& M/L)XL (& L/XL)XXL (& XL/XXL)
Chest circomference (cm)82-8590-9398-101106-109114-117122-125
Waist circomference (cm)70-7378-8186-8995-99105-109115-119
Hip circomference (cm)86-8994-97102-105110-113118-121126-129

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Leur rareté justifie presque leur prix

Definitly authentic medieval turnshoes but they come at a high price and it is not even tailored to the future buyer. with some skill, you can even make yours at home at a low cost that will perfectly fit your feet. But if you are rich go buy them. They are beautiful and really classy (and authenTHICK). Définitivement des chaussures médiévales authentiques mais elles sont très chères et ne sont même pas faîtes sur mesure. Il est certainement possible d'en trouver de moins dispendieuses mais aucune n'est aussi accessible. À la limite, on peut très bien en faire soi-même à moindre coût et qui vont comme un gant! Mais si vous êtes riches elles vaudront la dépense effectuée. Elles sont belles, classes et authentiques. Il faudra faire attention à ne pas maganer la seelle (c'est du cuir quand même).

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