Elren'dar II, The Blade of the Forgotten Tales - Calimacil LARP Sword

Elren'dar II

the Blade of Forgotten Tales

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Hundreds of years ago, Elren’dar, the legendary sword, was lost. Once it was forgotten by all except the most ancient of the tomekeepers, an elven lord was able to solve the mystery of a scroll dating of the same era. Every sign was there: they would be able to recover the blade. He took his most trusted warriors and mages and went on a quest to find the holy relic. After years of terrible hardships, battles with unnamed beasts and through mountains, his company arrived on top of the greatest sacred tree of all. In a small alcove, created within the bark itself, lied the sword, waiting for a worthy successor. That’s how the blade was found, and how a new age began for the Elves.


The Elren’dar II is a new version of the fantastic sword Elren’dar. Longer than its older counterpart, it enables more reach in battle, but every blow stays as safe as before thanks to the Calimacil foam. Moreover, its durability has been proven years after year. The colours of the weapon have been updated for a breathtaking realism. The handle, before gold and black, is now of a silver and peircing red, making the whole weapon a bit more discreet.


Elves, natural users of this type of fine and light blades, will be delighted to hear that a new weapon has been forged just for them. However, their evil counterparts, the dark Elves, will also appreciate the qualities of this sword, as will many nimble warriors and two-weapon fighters. Finally, noblemen will wear this weapon with pride, showing to all their status.

Weight (g): 407
Total Length (cm): 94
Blade Length (cm): 69
Blade color: Silver , Steel
Blade Type: Elven Bulky
Grip length (cm): 24
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Absolutly stunning!

Beautiful and rediculously durable!

I bought mine about a year ago and it has survived numerous battles, being submerged in multiple lakes (dock fights lead to impromptu swimming!) And even a ferret attack or two.

Not one crack or break, and its colors haven't faded in the slightest!

Looking forward to many more years of the same!

Beautiful Aesthetically But

The sword is beautiful. However there is a flaw with the design of the handle that I begin to notice when I realised that I couldn’t parry nor control or handle it well compared with other Larp swords that I used. The thickness of the handle was too thick for my M size hands that I couldn’t fully grip or wrap my fingers around it, as it leaves a gap between my fingers and my palm.

Belle création, mais encore perfectible

La qualité de réalisation est OK comme toujours, et le design vraiment réussi. 2 bémols cependant:
- au niveau de l'aspect, la lame reste assez épaisse (pour rester sécuritaire j'imagine), ce qui pénalise le design qui mise plutôt sur la finesse et l'élégance
- beaucoup plus gênant pour la manipulation, la poignée "imitation cuir" n'en est pas du tout, c'est la même matière que le reste de l'épée, et elle est du coup très glissante, il n'y a vraiment pas de grip ; du coup il vaut mieux avoir des gants ou mitaine en cuir pour compenser. Il aurait mieux valu du cuir lacé sur la poignée (quitte à être un poil plus cher).

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