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Quick Release Scabbard

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Color: Black
Sword Guard Style: Black

The intimidating highlander looks at the highwayman and his short rapier, then burst into laughter, not at all feeling threatened. 

''That ? That's not a sword....''

In a quick motion, he draws a massive five feet long claymore from his back, the huge weapon striking the small sword and sending it fly down the ravine, while the warrior is still laughing loudly, his voice echoing in the valley. 

''That's a sword !'' 


This quick release back scabbard his your greatsword appreciator's best friend. The sword is held in place firmly by the scabbard, which opens and release the blade as soon as you pull up on the weapon. With this clever system, you no longer need to compromise you draw speed to gain the comfort and impressive look given by carrying your sword on your back. This accessory is perfect for any LARP sword too long to be carried on the hip, especially bastard swords and greatswords. 


  • Black or Brown leather 9-10 oz/ 4 mm
  • Brass-plated antique rivets
  • Wood pin


  • Can be fixed on the back of an armor, or on one of our X or Y shaped harness 
  • Allows to draw from the back, no matter the length of the blade 
  • The scabbard is kept closed by a wood pin
  • For a perfect fit, choose the appropriate guard style (center part of your sword's guard, where the blade begins)

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure

Sword and harness not included 

Customer Reviews

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Super pratique

Que ce soit pour mon marteau de guerre, ma hache à 2 mains ou tout type d'armes, c'est juste génial !

Neat piece of kit

Works well with a minor modification. I found that the dowel had a tendency to fall through the loops and become bound up on the draw. Shortening the string made it too tight but adding a small piece of rubber tube to the knot (pictured) s0lved the issue. Otherwise great.

Before using

The thing looks exactly like what is presented but be aware that the knot
in the wooden part can go loose easily and you'll have to strugle puting it back in

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