The term refurbished has been coined by Calimacil in order to offer a quality product to its customers while allowing them to benefit from a price reduction. Indeed, our refurbished weapons cost 20% less than their premium version.

Many wonder about the meaning of the term and what ordering a refurbished sword entails. Here are more in depth details about this topic.

Why refurbished?

Unlike what the usual definition of the term implies, refurbished weapons are not second hand ones. These weapons are new and you will be their first owner. The idea of reclaiming the term refurbished comes from the french word “fourbir” which means the action to prepare one’s weapon for combat, to polish it, etc.

The refurbished weapons are thus weapons that required retouching because they presented minor imperfections. These imperfections are strictly visual, without ruining the general look of the weapon.

Quality and Durability

We guarantee that our refurbished weapons are as safe and durable as all of our product collection. However, please understand that we cannot tell you with precision what will be the slight defect of the weapon you order, because we cannot photograph and catalog them individually. That being said, here are a few examples among the most common irregularities.


All Calimacil weapons are painted by hand. However, it can happen that some paint recipes react differently with the foam and that it does not give the desired vibrancy.

Sometimes also, the artist working on a refurbished item might choose to spend less time on it since it will be sold at a lesser cost than the premium weapons he has to focus on with special care. This situation can result in a solid colored pommel, for example, instead of a brushed and shaded one.

Repaired Bubble

The Calimacil foam is a polyurethane variant. To make it simple, it consists of two liquids which, once mixed, foam up then harden at a precise density according to the chosen recipe. While it foams up, despite our casters’ care, a bigger bubble can form in the foam. While this flaw is easily repairable, this reparation can remain a little visible. This tiny mark allows you to save money!

Identification marks

Undoubtedly, we would never accept to hand over a refurbished weapon to a customer if it has major manufacturing defects. However, we would not want a refurbished weapon to be returned to us for aesthetic flaws, under the assumption that it was a premium either. In order to be able to distinguish our premium weapons from our refurbished ones, every refurbished ones has been identified with subtle holes, often located at the base of the blade. These small marks cause no damage to the product and are always very subtle.

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